Our video didn’t upload

  • We recorded a 1 hour and 6 minute video, and it didn’t upload. We did everything right between the apps. Why is this not working? Thanks.

    Kyle Carlisle

  • @hoosier often saw a confusion with YouTube Live streaming due to the following two reasons:

    1. live videos are accessible while the user is live, after the broadcast is over, there is a video processing done by YouTube (during this process, the videos may be unavailable)
    2. videos can be found under YouTube My Videos
      -- live events can be found under YouTube Live Events
      -- and completed live videos under Completed

    let me know if this helps, also there are several improvements coming with 1.200+ including setting livestream resolutions and adaptive bitrate (with some on-screen feedback, in case the connection is low or something goes wrong)

  • administrators

    @hoosier with version 1.201+ you have feedback about the current bitrate and connection quality, check the status indicator**; red = something not optimal (most likely slow Wi-Fi or 4G LTE). As a backup it’s always a good idea to save your broadcast (Record to iPhone)



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