Can I stream music? (MP3s)

  • I’m an indie musician wanting to stream a playlist based on my new album, is it possible to do that?

  • @stephen-bryce right now we only support one input, that being your iPhone/iPad or your Mac/PC. With the mobile, you’re limited to the built-in microphones; on Mac and Windows, you can select any connected microphone and wile it’s possible to use an audio input (with some hardware or even software hacking), it’s not officially supported. Using and combining multiple audio/video sources will be re-included in Q3 2018 as we’re waiting for OS support that will be introduced around Q2-Q3.

    What you need is using a phisical (or software) audio input as “microphone” so the software will recognize, accept and list it as USB microphone in the audio-input selection.

  • @stephen-bryce I would add this to the feature requests, it’s a good and planned idea.

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