Mute and focus?

  • Hi,

    I just bought Live Pro and there are two things I can’t figure out. I can’t mute and the stream is not crisp and it’s out of focus. Is this intended? I hope that I’m just overlooking something.

    Thanks in advance!

  • @b1gn1ck video quality and bitrate is kept at a minimum level (somewhere around most major live streaming networks started) with intention. This allows new users to start their first livestream without issues caused by low bandwidth or poor mobile internet connection.

    As soon as your first livestream is completed, the app will notify you about the Settings screen (it’s likely that you closed the overlay automatically, without looking at it). Go to Settings > Video Quality Controls (turn On).

    With Live Pro, you have up-to 1080p (4K disabled for obvious reasons, will be available on Mac) and 720p if AR (augmented reality) is turned on.

    Focus, good point! Until now, we couldn’t add it due to on-screen controlls, after 1.202 this is possible and will be included very soon.

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