Audio sound is frayed!

  • I have Go Live Pro, want to stream on Youtube with good audio, I have an Roland Go Pro mixer to get good audio into my Iphone, but when I am trying to stream, the audio is frayed.
    When I make just a recording with camera, the sound is perfect. What is going wrong?

  • @martin1 please try to explain in more detail what exactly are you trying to achieve. How are you using the audio input etc. Thanks!

  • @k I have a small mixer the Roland Go mixer and a Iphone 7plus, I can make a video with great stereo sound from the mixer.Video from the phone and the audio is added by the mixer. This is working perfect, video on camararoll is very good and the sound aswell. Also when I make connection to Youtube in another channel wich I can make Live video without the App Go Live Pro the sound is perfect. But when I use the App Go Live Pro, the sound is frayed. When I monitor the sound while recording by using a headphone connected to the Roland mixer it is good, stereo fresh and so on. But on youtube the sound is horrible... That is what is going on.

  • @martin1 ok, so this is the mixer:

    that connects to your iPhone trough the lightnig port. I assume, the Roland mixer’s output is recognized by the iPhone and Cameleon as microphone(?) that is emulated trough a specific app(?). Either way, I guess it’ll be the encoding.

    To be able to help you, please take a close picture of the mixer’s audio-out port (that goes to the iPhone) and the other end of the cable (that goes into the iPhone) also, please confirm if this is the exact model: Roland GOMIXER Audio Mixer for Smartphones

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