Blur & lag

  • Purchased this app, tried to use - became totally unhappy:

    1. Video stream on YouTube looks blurred and not clear (used both 720p & 1080p) - looks like it captures 240p and then makes necessary resolution. On display looked same - but I didn’t thought it will remain on YouTube. Other app on same phone provides brilliant picture quality
    2. Lag - even if transmitted over WiFi there is significant lag on video, like missed moments
    3. Settings are not equal to their name (at least for Russian translation) - Hidden camera setting for example when enabled turn display to always ON. And if it is OFF display goes to sleep in about 1 minute and Live session interrupts 🤯
      Is any manual available?

    Version 1.200.00 b780
    iPhone 7 Plus (with clean lens of camera) + Zhiyun Smooth Q stabilizer

  • App name - Live Pro

  • @alxprv we just made some testing with 1.202 and while the videos are 1080p after processing, YouTube shows them 240p during live broadcast, this is probably due to several chances, aiming broadcast stability, we’ll further get into this and fix it.

    Regarding latency, please read YouTube Live latency (delay), be aware that majority of users are livestreaming from a mobile device, most likely with average or slower internet connection, the latency is set accordingly. To respond your question, we’re adding a latency selector to Settings.

    #3 is clearly something we must review, we’re around 90% of code rewrite, cannot promise that this one will be fixed in couple weeks but will get to it.

  • @alxprv I see that you found several issues that need a bit deeper knowledge and usage of the Apps. Please send me everything you find and if you think something would be good to have or to be changed, please don’t hesitate to also send me here. We’re very close to a stable, useful and nearly-perfect app, your feedback would help with third one as that’s the hardest. Thank you!

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