NodeBB Upgrade to 1.10

  • How to Upgrade NodeBB to 1.10

    Upgrading NodeBB is very simple, only takes 3-4 steps. Read the whole post first! Find current release under releases (v1.8.2 at writing).

    1. Stop NodeBB

    cd /YOUR_NODEBB_PATH/nodebb
    ./nodebb stop

    2. Backup NodeBB

    Redis: all community data (text) is stored in a .rdb file, on typical installs, the main database is found at /var/lib/redis/dump.rdb - copy this file somewhere safe

    MongoDB: to backup MongoDB, run mongodump and use mongorestore to restore a backup.

    sudo service mongodb stop

    Avatars/Other: cd /YOUR_NODEBB_PATH/public/uploads and backup your files

    3. Upgrade NodeBB

    cd /YOUR_NODEBB_PATH/nodebb
    git fetch                        # Grab the latest code from the NodeBB Repository
    git checkout v1.8.x              # Type this as-is! Not v1.8.1 or v1.8.2, use "v1.8.x"!
    git merge origin/v1.8.x
    ./nodebb upgrade                 # sudo ./nodebb upgrade

    if not upgrading between branches (e.g. v1.8.1 to v1.8.2) just run the following commands:
    git fetch
    git reset --hard origin/v1.8.x # Replace v1.8.x with the branch name!
    ./nodebb upgrade

    4. Start NodeBB 1.8.x

    ./nodebb start

    Before doing anything, also Read this post!