Live stream Video Quality

  • Cameleon™ apps have different defaults for video quality, ranging between 240p and 1080p (up-to 4K where available) and in some cases, the defaults are set to 240p - 360p for better compatibility with slower 4G and Wi-Fi networks.

    720p and 1080p Live Stream

    For changing video quality, make sure "Video Quality Controls" are enabled in Settings (Settings > Video Quality Controls ON), it is also recommended to be aware of your internet connection speed and status by enabling "Display Video Quality" (Settings > Display Video Quality ON). Advanced users can take advantage of Advanced Settings (Settings > Advanced Settings).

    Live stream Low Quality

    There could be several reasons why your livestream quality is lower than you'd expect, read the following carefully:

    • obvious reason: Low internet speed - 2G, 3G, 4G with no LTE and slow Wi-Fi networks
    • obvious reason: Low internet bandwidth - you can experience low video quality even on very fast networks if multiple devices are using the same bandwidth e.g. many active devices (connected to the same network) using Snapchat, Instagram Live, Facebook Live, Chat, Messenger, FaceTime, etc.
    • Video Quality Controls disabled and/or low resolution selected - enable "Video Quality Controls" (Settings > Video Quality Controls ON) and select high resolution (see image below) requires fast and stable Internet
    • Overloaded Wi-Fi network, mobile network congestion, etc. - check your connectivity and be aware of your internet connection speed and status by enabling "Display Video Quality" (Settings > Display Video Quality ON)
    • Other cases: if you're testing your livestream on the same network, YouTube (and other networks) may deliver a lower quality video to your testing device. Try using a different network for livestreaming (e.g. your mobile LTE) and for watching your video (e.g. your laptop on Wi-Fi). Both Facebook and YouTube may deliver a lover quality stream while being live (360p, 480p) and make available the HD stream (720p, 1080p) only after your broadcast is over and the video is processed.
    • Please send us all feedback if you're still experiencing low quality live streams by posting a reply below

    Also read: YouTube Live video delay (high latency)

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