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  • hey I installed chatroulette-clone & its working fine but my screen shows same like DEmo version but i purchased full source code in 99$. please help to install source code file so that I can remove instruction showing below like it shows in DEMO version. i would like to know that where shoudl i place my "" folder on my server????
    thanks in advance.

  • Read the documentation found in the /doc folder of

    HOW TO START? contains 4 files:
    1. README.txt - this file
    2. LICENSE.pdf - the CRC License, you will find the TXT verion in the /doc folder
    3. - unzip this archive and upload contents to your webserver, but first read INSATLL.txt (/doc/INSTALL.txt)
    4. - the source codes, DO NOT UPLOAD this archive or its contents to your server, read INSTALL.txt

    Uploading the source files (the contents of or to your server and making them accessible is a violation of our license (please read details) and we are acting as described in the license file. Only files located in should be uploaded to the webserver, the contents of are the uncompiled source codes for advanced users/programmers only!


    • Unzip (you've already done this)
    • Unzip and read /doc/INSTALL.txt

    QUICKSTART The easy way to install (Flex/Flash Builder not needed)

  • Thank you for reply me back .. I got it done …Now I got one more error "See details for more information.
    Encountered errors or warnings while building project ChatRouletteClone_v.mxml.
    Unknown Flex SDK: "Flex 3.2""
    while exporting my Flex_project file from adobe builder ver. 4.0. Please help me out to make changes in my project... thanks in advance!!

  • We will release version 4.0 exported with Flash Builder 4 and drop Flex Builder 3 packages in about a week.

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