Whose user date My website is using???

  • Hey xu ling,

    whose user date My website is using???
    I would like to know that if I upload my source code and if I made some changes to my index page for my website, is it correct that change webpage will show only on my website right??? … Second thing User who visit to my website & click for chatting, only those user can chat with other who already online on my site or am i using jabbercam user data also ??? because lot of dirty users already came to my random video chat website but my website is in under construction..
    means Am I sharing this date with Jabbercam or others??? ... Please let me know this as soon as possible..... Thanks in advance

  • All changes you make on your website will be only on your site. If you are connecting to our free Red5 Server than you are sharing users with other websites. If you would like to have your own users only, use Stratus or start your own Red5 Flash Media Server.

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