Connection problems, problem finding chatters ?

  • Hi there

    Ive got a few queries about the chat roulette script.

    The roulette seems pretty temperamental though, as the people who have been testing it with me have all said they were free and it wasn't
    connecting us to each other, any ideas why this would happen ? There were 4 people all sat saying we were waiting for it to connect us to someone when we were all free ??

    Also my report button blanked out why is this ?

    How do I alter the vertical layout ? as its got lots of ads on there
    which i dont want ?


  • Hi,

    Please read about connections here:

    Pleas also check that the database is clean. Sometimes, when switching to Red5 from Stratus, there are some ID's remaining in the db that can cause connections to nonexistent users. Create a cron job that runs the clean command -readme.txt or empty your db using phpMyadmin. This issue will be fixed in 4.0 and separate databases will be used for Red5 and Stratus.

    The report button is blank after you sent a report for a user, you can report others.

    To remove the top ads, just edit vertical.html. To remove the video ad, delete the .swf found in /jabbercam/media/video/blankscreen

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