• Hello,

    I purchased the script from your site. I want to know if there is a way to operate my personal website (which means, blocking the people who didn't enter troughout my address).

    if I understood currectly, the only option is to purchase a hosting package including red5 support. I see plenty of companies offering red5 hosting, some sell it by a listening/viewing hours package, some sell it by Simultaneous Connections and some sell it only by monthly transfer/storage.
    I wanted to know what is suitable for this script.

    thank you

  • You'll have to figure this out for yourself after your needs. We don't want to make public recommendations here, but will send you a PM.

  • try they offer red5 hosting on the Video two and video three package, $9.95 for the video two and with 1000 giga of traffic, that is quite enough to run any site at least for the first months.

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