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  • Apple Card Limits - What's the approval rate and what's the Credit Limit, APR?

    Apple started sending early access e-mail invitations for their new Apple Card (Apple, Goldman Sachs Credit Card):

    Starting today, we’re giving you early access so you can help us get ready for the public launch. Which means you’ll experience Apple Card before everybody else.
    Apply now and start using your Apple Card in minutes:

    Followed the instructions trough Apple Wallet and in few minutes I had my new Apple Card:

    0_1565356523576_Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 4.08.19 PM.png

    The details:

    Credit limit $6500 with 17.08% APR.

    Guess many iOS developers and iPhone owners will apply for the new card, and curious, what the standard credit limit would be.

  • @k yes how do I get it

  • @chriskrol apply trough your iPhone via the Wallet app:

    1. Update your iPhone to iOS 12.4. or later (Settings > General > Software Update)
    2. Apply for Apple Card in the Wallet app


    Apple Card is currently available to users invited to Apple Card Preview and the early access invitation is nontransferable. If you received the invitation via email “You're invited to get Apple Card starting today”, tap the “Apply Now” button under “Apply for Apple Card in the Wallet app.”

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